The Force Element

Just like The Emergency Responder, The Force Element program is designed for those progressing through their recruit training or Initial Employment Training (IET’S) in the Australian Defence Force or Emergency Services.

With the Army recruit and their combat related roles in mind when developing this fitness program, our primary focus was to ensure that a high level of fitness would be obtained and your BFA pass mark would be a breeze.
The program is specifically focused on achieving the assessed benchmarks required to pass each emergency service’s trainee course. The Force Element Program was developed to ensure the required pass mark standards of the ADF Basic Fitness Assessment (BFA), Queensland Police Academy Fitness Assessment and QFES Operational Focused Abilities Test (OFAT) are not just met but rather well and truly exceeded in all criteria.

Passing your next phase of training and testing is not a free ride and no easy task. You must put in the effort now and prepare for the tests to come. It is not just showing up and going through the motions. Its time to stand up and be counted.
But it’s not just for the potential combat soldier to make it through testing.

Being more intense and harder than The Emergency Responder program, it is also intimately tailored to those on the front line of all the emergency services. It’s for those that work on the coal face of adversity to protect us every day. Where having presence, confidence and increased response time are paramount. All these qualities are enhanced by completing this program. We all know that strong people are harder to kill and are just more useful in general. The Force Element program makes sure of it.

Increased strength, cardiovascular, functional, and tactical conditioning is what this program is about. It will push you hard to increase your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds and drive you to reach your goals and you will be the Force Element. You will be the consequence.

Training in this program gives you the ability to not only pass the assessed fitness requirements but to excel at them. The requirements of the following entry testing are incorporated into this program:

  • Basic Fitness Assessment (BFA) for the (ADF)
  • Queensland Police Service (QPS) Police Academy Fitness Assessment
  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) Operational Focused Abilities Test (OFAT)

The program is structured to include training and testing for the following competencies:

  • • Beep Test
  • Queensland Police Service (QPS) Police Academy Fitness Assessment
  • 2.4km run
  • 200m swim
  • Max Push Ups in 2min
  • Cadence Sit ups
  • Stair climb
  • Equipment Hauling

As with all Overwatch Fitness programs, we first establish a fitness baseline by testing where you are at then build from your foundations from there. You will be exposed to a variety of training methods along the way to ensure a well-rounded holistic result. You will engage in testing though out the program as well which will show your progress and you will be able to see how far you have truly come.

This is a 4 phased program.
Phase 1 – We establish your current baseline standard in strength and speed by testing your 2.4km run and body weight thresholds. Once we have the foundation, you then begin to develop your strength and muscle conditioning.
Phase 2 – You begin to work on your endurance and conditioning through more functional and circuit-based training. We quickly expose you to speed and interval training to accelerate your development. Also adding in extra functional and conditioning exercises to ignite your metabolic conditioning. By the end of this phase, you are tested again to track your progress and to hold you to account for your efforts.
Phase 3 – We now start to further work on the building blocks that we have firmly put in place with strength and muscle development as the focus. Hypertrophy training is a normal session for you now and so is working outside your comfort zone.
Phase 4 – You spike your training with more focus on your endurance and muscle conditioning through even more challenging functional training. All the training is with an overarching component of tactical conditioning and what you can expect to do out in the field. You then taper off before making the final testing component to quantify your achievements.

‘Effort Based Results’ is the motto at Overwatch Fitness. This means that we give you the tools to achieve what is required, but it is up to you to put the effort in. Your results are directly proportional to how hard you push yourself. Honesty and accountability to yourself will give you the best results and the most satisfaction. If you really want it then you’ll find a way. If you don’t then you’ll find an excuse.
You have made the decision to be the one running into danger. Now it’s time to complete your training to ensure you take your place.

Recommended for Intermediate athletes.

What’s in the Program:

Core elements of the program:

  • 1 x session a day
  • 5 x sessions a week
  • Cardio and Strength
  • Muscular endurance and conditioning
  • Focused on training course benchmarks and test requirements
  • 12 weeks duration of a structured training plan that is able to be conducted around your life schedule
  • 1 -2 extra functional Metcon sessions per week
  • Programmed rest days
  • Testing phases
  • Mobile device compatible
  • Good for IET’s to develop the required fitness standard for Combat Corp training or Emergency Responders that want to be better than the rest


Single payment of $149.95.

Not available as a subscription


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