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Overwatch Fitness
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 by Kieran on Overwatch Fitness
The Next Level

When I had a recommendation to check out these guys I was a bit skeptical considering how many of these programs are out there these days. The team at overwatch are the real deal and I can’t be happier with the service they’ve provided. The next level program reminds me of the old SASR cadre program that was floating around years ago minus the running and pack marching and is a nice change from trying to find some sort of consistency from CrossFit, I’m looking forward to my next program when I finish the next level.

 by Adam on Overwatch Fitness
Next Level

Just completed the next level course! It was hard, which is something I lacked training on my own through lockdown. Not only have my strength increased, I can now do push ups for days.

Give it a crack, if you wish to improve all round. Highly recommended.

 by Haydn on Overwatch Fitness
Pre operator

Finishing up the pre operator program, seeing great results, both aesthetically and performance wise

The program week to week commonly consists of a push, pull and a squat with 2 runs a swim and a conditioning session.

These sessions are strategically balanced throughout the week providing a good amount of overload as you progress. The finishers at the end of the sessions really make you dig deep, which has plenty of benefits. Haven’t felt this good mentally or physically in a long time.

I just wish there was an app for the programming making it easier to view and work your way through. Also if it include a place to record times, weights, results to compare to as you progress that would be great.

Highly recommend if you train regularly and are looking to get to the next level

 by Kara on Overwatch Fitness
Emergency Responder Program

Absolute top quality program. You are able to not just feel the results within yourself, you are able to see how far you have came through test sessions. Extremely easy to understand the programs & very easy to follow. The harder you push your limits the more you will gain. As they say… EFFORT BASED RESULTS.

 by Michael on Overwatch Fitness
Next Level

I love strength training and have been doing my own thing for ages now. I bought the ‘Next Level’ program because I was needing something to follow and track that was out of the ordinary to keep me hungry for gains.
This program has me training in a way I haven’t before and I’m seeing great results already. I finding heaps of carryover into my running training compared to when following ’standard’ set and rep schemes too. Loving the challenge and looking forward to picking up more programs after this one.
Thanks to the team at Overwatch for the great content.


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