Meal Plans

We have used our clinical nutritionist to develop and design meal plans specifically for our fitness programs. Our nutritionist is also qualified in personal training, strength and conditioning and is ex military. He know the effort it takes to work as an emergency responder and to train to be the best.

The Meal Plans are designed to meet the energy requirements for individuals weighing between 75kg and 85kg training on the selected fitness programs. If you are within this weight range and following the daily workouts you will have all your macronutrients and micronutrients accounted for to support health and performance. The Meal Plans include a weekly plan for every week of the program, a weekly shopping list, and recipes for each meal. These Meal Plans are specifically designed for exercise performance to support energy levels, muscle growth, recovery and cognition.

If you fall outside of this weight range or have a specific goal then the purchase of the meal plan allows you a consultation with our nutritionist to modify it to suit you better.

Also, adding the meal plan with anything else on the Overwatch Fitness website automatically gets you the 5% bundle discount off your cart.

Its never been easier to get fit and healthy and to train for the role that you want.


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