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Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced athletes

Warm Up

A warmup is included in each day’s workout that is specific to the movements in the workout.

Cool Down

The cool down for each session should include a range of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching.  PNF stretching starts with a passive stretch of the target muscle which is held for approximately 10 sec and then followed by resistance against the same muscle of that recently stretched, which then is relaxed.

All stretching should be carried out for a minimum of 5 – 10min after completion of the workout.

Explanation of exercises

If there are any session formats, movements, or exercise techniques in any Overwatch Fitness Program that you are unsure of how to execute correctly please use Google and or YouTube to find appropriate explanation/demonstrations.

Rate of Perceived Exhaustion (RPE)

RPE is a useful tool that helps people manage the intensity of their physical exercise. The scale ranges from 1 to 10, allowing people to give a number rating on how they are feeling. A person can determine their level by reflecting on how fast their heart is beating, how hard they are breathing, and more.

1 Rep MAX (1RM)

1 rep max is a baseline measurement to help you determine a strength-based goal.  In weight training it is the maximum amount of weight that a person can lift for 1 rep.  When determining your 1 rep max ensure that you build up to your working set by completing repetitions through the full range of motion between 50 – 80% of your perceived maximum weight.

You will need to establish your 1 rep max to correctly follow the Overwatch Fitness Programs as they use a percentage of this to nominate the weight you lift during certain exercises.

Maximum Heart Rate (Max HR)

Maximum Heart Rate is the amount of beats a heart makes per minute under maximum stress.  Knowing the number enables you to train to specific intensities and training zones.  Overwatch Fitness Programs uses a percentage of your maximum heart rate to train in different zones either to increase your VO2 max or as a recovery session.  To discover your maximum heart rate (220 minus age = maximum heart rate).

Body Weight Exercises

Overwatch Fitness programs incorporate a vast amount of functional body weight movements including pushups, pull ups and chin ups.  In order to progress through the programs and build strength and endurance these reps must still be completed even under fatigue.  If you find that you are unable to complete a full repetition without assistance, please revert to assisted push ups on your knees, or jumping or resistance band pull up or chin ups.

Appropriate Weight for Exercises

Whilst Overwatch Fitness programs use a percentage of your 1RM when choosing weight to lift, it is important that you select a weight that enables you to complete the session without injury. If during the session the nominated percentage of 1RM is too much, or there is not a nominated weight range, adjust or choose a weight that is suitable to ensure that the session is able to be completed in its entirety. We understand that fatigue plays a major factor while conducting these programs and my effect your perceived 1RM.

Reps in Reserve (RIR)

Resp in reserve is a measure of how hard a set felt and how more repetitions you could have done.  For strength and muscle building between 1 to 3 RIR is optimal.

Stretching Session

Where stretching is indicated in the program a 1km walk and 1hour of stretching is to be conducted.  Ensure this session is completed.

Resting between strength sets

For any strength session from 80-90%1RM = 2 – 5min rest.

For hypertrophy session from 65-75%1RM = 2min rest.

For body weight circuit = 1.5min – 2min rest.

For all running intervals – active recovery jog back to start point before commencing the next interval.  This will increase your VO2 max.

Training Flexibility

We understand that shift work rosters and life may get in the way when undergoing the program.  Whilst the program is designed to work most effectively the way it is formatted, it is not set, meaning make the program fit around your commitments of work and life.

If you require extra time to recover factor in extra rest days.


Do not continue to train when injured.

Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC)

Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) is a training methodology to train and prepare tactical athletes to meet the physical demands of their occupations.  The goal is to reduce injury and improve functional and specific fitness levels that is required by the demands of their chosen profession.  The programs delivered by Overwatch Fitness are designed to be challenging and to give you the best chance at achieving your goals however, you must constantly re-assess your performance as you track along the program.  Your results will be propionate to the effort you put in.

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